Can Cirrhosis of the Liver Be Reversed?

A very common question when it comes to cirrhosis of the liver is, can cirrhosis of the liver be reversed? Cirrhosis of the liver is a late-stage result of scarring (fibrosis). This occurs as the result of liver diseases and conditions, including chronic alcohol use and hepatitis.

The liver is a miraculous organ that works hard to repair itself when damaged. However, if the liver is constantly attempting to repair itself, permanent scar tissue will form over time. This tissue keeps the liver from working properly, causing blocks in blood flow and the liver’s ability to process.

What Causes Cirrhosis?

Common causes of cirrhosis are chronic alcohol use, chronic viral infections (hepatitis B and C), and nonalcoholic fatty liver. Other causes may include certain inherited diseases, autoimmune hepatitis, chronic heart failure, and certain rare diseases.

Can Liver Cirrhosis Be Reversed?

Cirrhosis is maximal hardening or scarring of liver tissue.  In many cases, it is irreversible however the liver is very resilient and has the capability to regenerate.  If the liver steadily heals itself, those with cirrhosis may never develop liver dysfunction or failure.

Being diagnosed with cirrhosis doesn’t imply immediate fatality. However, as the disease progresses, more scar tissue forms, causing decreased liver function.  It also can cause other conditions, such as hepatic encephalopathy, which affects brain function due to the liver’s inability to remove toxins from the blood.

Doctor showing a healthy liver.

Is There Any Hope for Those with a Liver Disease?

There are many different liver diseases and conditions which can lead to cirrhosis. If caught early enough, there’s a better chance of managing the disease.

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